Too often we take photos on our phones and never see them again.

Please click here to check our new website to place your order. At My Photo Block, we encourage you to display your favourite memories on a custom photo block! Our photo blocks are a great way to decorate your home or office with photos of your loved ones, family and friends. Choose your favourite images, and we’ll adhere to them to a high-quality photo block.
Photo blocks are an easy alternative to traditional picture frames, and not only are they modern in style, but they are durable and eye-catching. They are easy to display, which allows it to stand up on your dresser, desk, fireplace, shelves or any surface you wish. They are made of chipboard wood finished with Formica.   
You can now order personalized photo blocks quickly and easily because our ordering process is simple and straightforward. Just upload all your favourite photos, whether they are filled with people, pets, places - you name it! Pictures need to be cropped to a square shape. Please make sure to choose pictures that will fit this shape. When finished, click on add to cart. Your photo blocks will be sent right to you. If you have any questions about our ordering process, contact us today and let us help. 

Photo Block size- 4"-4"-1.5"

Customized Photo Block


    • Step 1-Click here and you will be redirected to our photo block website that we designed just for this product. No worries, it is our website:)
    • Step2- Upload your photo and finish your order at website ( order and payment are at the new website). 
    • Block size- 4"-4"-1.5"